Newsletter – 10/1/15

First of all, a huge thank you to the people that have supported this project.  Your belief in the mission of this film is encouraging and we are so appreciative.  Now, we have only seven (7) days left on our Kickstarter Campaign.  That means we must raise $5,800 by October 7th.  If you plan to give, now is the time!

As you know, all of the money raised is exclusively for the production of our film “Small Town Rage:  Fighting Back in the Deep South.”  We, the filmmakers, are not receiving any compensation from this project.  We are incredibly fortunate that Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS has provided a gift of support of our production budget of $15,000.

While we are in the final stretch, it would help tremendously if you would promote our campaign on your social media page (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  Let people know that Small Town Rage is an independent documentary examining the work and influence of a small collective of people organized as ACT UP Shreveport.  Their work in the conservative Deep South is a unique and compelling story.  During the early years of the AIDS pandemic, ACT UP Shreveport sought to bring attention to the plight of those living with the disease and to bring about change in the way the government and the medical community reacted (or failed to react) to the crisis.

Taking its cues, though not direction, from the other larger chapters around the nation, ACT UP Shreveport employed the same attention-grabbing protest tactics that were so successful in cities such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.  In order to push back against the deeply ingrained conservative mindset of northwest Louisiana, the men and women of ACT UP Shreveport staged protests, crashed meetings, raised their voices, and fought to be heard.  As their individuals stories will attest, their actions may not have made them popular, but their courage did lead to changes in the way local hospitals, government agencies, and even the public at large responded to the AIDS epidemic.

The best part of the story is that while other ACT UP chapters faded away, ACT UP Shreveport played an enormous role in the establishment of the Philadelphia Center.  Many of its members were the Center’s first employees.

This film will serve as documentation of the Philadelphia Center’s early beginnings through over 20 interviews with those that were intricately involved in ACT UP Shreveport.  We also have obtained hours of “B-roll” video footage documenting the efforts of this significant group of people.

We will combine all of the funding raised through our Kickstarter Campaign with other funding to:

  • Purchase copyrighted materials (videos, news stories, etc.)
  • Pay the creative team responsible for taking the video footage and interviews and weave them into a 90-minute story and feature film;
  • Pay for the editing process, which includes audio and color correction;
  • Create production and reproduction copies of the feature film;
  • Pay submission fees to film festivals and organizations;
  • Purchase of marketing materials; and
  • Pay for promotional costs.

Not only is the film being submitted to the film festival circuit, it is also going to be made available to national HIV/AIDS organizations around the country.   We have already seen interest expressed by the LSU-Medical School in Shreveport in incorporating the film into the school’s curriculum.

We believe the community’s support of this historical piece is a perfect opportunity, for those that have an appreciation of our history, to participate in the preservation of the LGBT’s unique and creative past.  Your consideration of this sponsorship is greatly appreciated.  Please act now by going following this link: